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Wet Spent Fuel Storage

Spent fuel being set into a submerged array Spent fuel rod almost fully set into the storage array Side view of a wet spent fuel storage array A spent fuel rod exhibiting Cherenkov radiation underwater

High-Integrity Container

Dry Spent Fuel Storage (ISFSI)

Steel liners of the vertical concrete containers Rebar frame of a vertical concrete container Yoke crane for lifting the fuel out of wet storage Spent fuel being removed from wet storage Spent fuel in a steel canister being dropped into a vertical concrete container VCC being moved to the ISFSI Concrete being poured into molds for the ISFSI pad Construction of the concrete pad at the ISFSI Wider view of the entire ISFSI pad First VCC loaded on the pad Claw excavator putting a VCC on the pad ISFSI with some VCCs set on it Completed ISFSI Completed ISFSI with tractors and people in the shot - each VCC stands as tall as an excavator's boom elbow