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Yard crane amidst other vehicles and a steel building frame Yard crane in action, with the boom visibly extended Demolition of the discharge canal Breaking ground on demolition of the old spent fuel building Restoration of the discharge canal An excavator-cutter working the containment building's interior An excavator-cutter removing the concrete exterior of the containment building's outer wall Cuts in the exterior concrete wall of the containment buildling to allow the excavators to enter The containment building being lowered by collapsing sections of the bottom A cross section of the containment building's wall The containment building after partial collapse/lowering The lowered containment building with a large entry hole The lowered containment building during collapse Tearing down the concrete walls of the spent fuel building The lowered containment building during final collapse Spent fuel building with not much concrete left The rubble left over after complete collapse of the containment building The spent fuel building - only the steel frame remains