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Tearing down the emergency diesel generator building Rubble of the emergency diesel generator building Demolition of the waste disposal building Rubble leftover from the waste disposal building Health physics facility mid-deconstruction The stack on the containment building half-removed Demolition of the administration building Frame of the administration building amid concrete rubble Primary auxilliary building with a hole ripped in the wall Rubble leftover from the primary auxilliary building Aerieal view of the main area of the site, with containment building and turbine building visible Outer shell of the turbine building Turbine building pre-drop Turbine building after first floor was dropped out Turbine building during upper floor drop Turbine building after being completely dropped Control building being torn apart by excavators Control building collapsing Soil excavation aerial view Soil excavation close-up 1 Soil excavation close-up 2 Soil excavation close-up 3 Soil excavation close-up 4 Soil backfill - a bulldozer rides down a graded slope in the soil Soil backfill - debris litters the area yet to be filled in amidst some steel and concrete piles Soil backfill complete - aerial shot Soil backfill complete - close up Water intake building collapsing Water intake building collapsed Water intake building debris removed Terry turbine structure adjacent to the containment building, with outer shell removed Terry turbine collapsing Space left on the side of the containment building after Terry turbine was removed Hole in containment building opened where Terry turbine was previously