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Turbine being cut in half Turbine cut in half Top half of turbine upside-down on the floor


Power transformer installation before dismantlement Power transformer being approached by demo crew Coil from power transformer being boxed for transport Power transformer loaded onto a semi trailer Power transformer during transport Power transformer loaded onto barge Power transformer on barge travelling on the river

Steam Generator

Demo worker climbing out of the steam generator The steam generator in its original state The generator dome being lifted by a crane The generator dome placed onto a flatbed railcar The generator dome loaded onto a tractor truck The truck departing with the dome loaded onto the trailer Lower section of the steam generator Lower section of the steam generator being loaded onto a short-range rail transport Lower section of the steam generator being hauled out of the generator building A cover being placed on the lower portion of the steam generator on a flatbed semi trailer Generator components in the shipping yard The barge loaded with steam generator components, awaiting departure Barge with steam generator components travelling on the canal The barge further down the canal The generator components at Port Royal Generator components ready for disposal


The pressurizer in its natural habitat Pressurizer being lifted to start its journey Pressurizer being lowered onto a trailer Pressurizer strapped to a semi trailer Pressurizer truckin' down the road Pressurizer approaching the rail station Pressurizer being placed on a temporary stand for overnight Pressurizer on its temporary stand Pressurizer being removed from the tempoarary stand Pressurizer on a tarp for final loading Workers handling the covering on the pressurizer Two cranes working together to lift the pressurizer into the rail car Pressurizer being lowered into the rail car - steady as she goes Pressurizer being lowered into the rail car - almost there! The pressurizer leaving on the rail car

Coolant Pumps

Pressure Vessel

Pressure vessel being lifted from its place by crane The vessel further out of the hole The entire vessel visible, suspended in mid-air Pressure vessel being lowered into a containment canister Canister containing the pressure vessel loaded onto a trailer The room now empty after the pressure vessel left by truck Containment canister being transported by truck Truck backing the pressure vessel canister onto a transport barge Pressure vessel being loaded onto the barge Barge with pressure vessel travelling to South Carolina Bridge opening to allow the barge to continue down the canal Pressure vessel disembarking in South Carolina Pressure vessel prepared for burial at Barnwell, South Carolina